What kind of homeopathy should you consider for autism

What Causes and What Treats Autism?

Even outside observers have heard that vaccinations are often blamed for the development of autism, which already leads to the replenishment of the ranks of anti-vaccinationists and the development of defeated (seemingly) diseases.

But no less (and in some ways more, because with a guarantee of a harmful result) are brought by methods of “treatment”, the most famous of which are created by doctors deprived of their licenses and simply crazy people.

Autism, more and more common in the practice of doctors, is a disorder that occurs as a result of a violation of the development of the brain and externally manifests itself in a violation of social interaction, communication, limited interest, as well as repetitive actions.

Along with psychological and behavioral symptoms, autistic patients have problems with metabolic processes and digestion. The reasons for the development of autism can be genetic changes, the psycho-emotional state of the pregnant woman, frequent vaccinations, reduced immunity, and others.

The clinical picture of autism is extremely diverse.

Stereotypes and homeopathy in the treatment of autism

Homeopathy in the treatment of autistic children in cases where the main symptom is deep isolation and stereotyped behavior (for example, watching the same cartoon over and over again or repeating some actions) suggests using the BUFO RAS.

It is important that the clinician be able to distinguish between an autistic symptom and a symptom of isolation for the purpose of, for example, masturbation, in this case it is read much more broadly, and the approach is somewhat different.

As in any other cases, the drug should be prescribed after determining the presence of characteristic symptoms in an autistic person.

Side effects in homeopathic treatment of autism

An important point is the correct prescription of homeopathic medicines in cases where a child falls ill with a cold.Growing up as an autist, you probably already noticed that such children usually do not get sick at all with any acute diseases.

Just think about how much autism is “stronger” than all kinds of colds – this is an amazing property that haunts scientists. The treatment process at such moments can significantly “progress”.

Diverse homeopathy

Another very expensive, useless, but without any positive side method of treating autism is a variety of homeopathy.It is useless because homeopathy does not work and cannot work not only for the treatment of autism, but also for any other diseases due to the complete absence of the active substance in the preparations.

Homeopathy is based on the irrational idea that water retains the memory of the active substance that was once in it.No less popular method are a variety of diets.

And with them, perhaps, you should be much more careful, because the health of both an adult and a child depends on the nutritional value. The most common diets are gluten-free, casein-free, sugar-free, and food coloring-free.

On the Web, you can easily find a lot of both articles with an analysis of why homeopathy does not work, and scientific studies showing its complete ineffectiveness.

Homeopathy and the treatment of autism

A traditional homeopathic appointment begins with the patient’s history, the reaction after vaccination, his psychotype is determined, and the search for an individual remedy begins.

Be ready to hear the most unexpected questions For each child with autism, there are “their own” mono preparations – in homeopathy there are no ready-made recipes and there are no “homeopathic recipes”! In order to cure autism, it is necessary to choose those mono drugs that can act on the very cause that “launched” this neuropsychological pathology.

The choice of possible homeopathic remedies directly depends on the emotional, mental and physical characteristics of the patient. As a rule, when treated by a homeopath, the more pronounced the pathology, the easier it is for the doctor to provide real help to the child.

Homeopathy is the most gentle medicine and is ideal for autistic children who are sensitive to traditional chemicals. The high degree of dilution of homeopathic mono preparations completely eliminates the manifestation of any side effects and allergic reactions.

Acting at the deepest level, they restore the balance of all body systems and significantly reduce the concentration of biochemical substances, which, as scientists suggest, are the root cause of autism.

Naturally, the results to a large extent depend on the individual characteristics of the child and the professional skills of the specialist.

These therapies should become an integral part of the treatment program for every child with autism. Treatment programs must be strictly individualized. The “secrets” lie in the ability to notice the subtle details of the child’s behavior and patient work with young patients and their parents.