Dont suppress your acne with creams cure them from within

Homeopathic ointments for acne

Acne is a serious skin disease. Of the many therapies, many choose homeopathic acne treatment. The use of homeopathic ointments can achieve a significant improvement in skin condition. This method differs in that it has no side effects, rarely causes an allergic reaction, is affordable and easy to use.

What are the benefits?

Homeopathic preparations are natural, containing such elements as:

  • mineral compounds;
  • components of plant origin;
  • poisons.

Liniments provide the following benefits:

  • remove skin inflammation on the face;
  • reduce the negative impact of drugs with simultaneous use;
  • help with acne by reducing the number of pimples and making them less noticeable.

Mechanism of action

To get rid of acne on the face, an integrated approach will be effective, using a wide range of tools and methods. Homeopathy is one of the options or is used as an adjunct in therapy. Homeopathic ointments are aimed at achieving the following effects:

  • normalization of the secretion of glands, which helps to reduce the appearance of acne;
  • elimination of the development of subcutaneous bacteria;
  • reduction of inflammation of the epidermis;
  • restoration of damaged skin cells.

Variety of drugs

Homeopathic remedies come in different forms. It can be tablets, drops, solutions, capsules, which contain natural active ingredients. Liniments are easy to use and safe.

How to apply

Homeopathic ointments have antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties that help get rid of acne. They dry and soothe inflammation. Accelerate skin regeneration, eliminate scars left after acne.

The course of treatment is prescribed by a doctor and includes the selection of a special diet and drugs, taking into account the individual characteristics of patients.

Each drug has its own characteristics and scheme of application. Most often, for complex homeopathic remedies, the course is from 1 to 2 weeks and is repeated once a quarter / year.

On the example of Traumeel S, the following application method can be distinguished:Homeopathic ointments. It is necessary to rub locally or apply a bandage to the inflamed area no more than 3 times / day.

The total duration of use is up to 4 weeks.
Gels. In a day, 1-2 times a thin layer should be smeared with problem areas. The course lasts about 10 days.

Homeopathic remedies have worked for many people who have used this treatment for acne, pustules, and other skin blemishes. One of the pluses is also that they are hypoallergenic and have virtually no side effects.

However, it is not recommended to self-medicate. To achieve the desired result, it is worth contacting a homeopath who will choose the right course of treatment.

What are pimples and what causes them?

Acne is a change in the skin of the face and body, which manifests itself in the form of various types of rashes (pimples). They can be blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, or cysts (filled with clear contents). In teenagers, acne appears mainly due to hormonal changes associated with puberty.

However, there is also a hereditary line that determines the characteristics of metabolism. If a child’s parents had acne as teenagers, they are more likely to develop the problem too.

However, the good news is that for most people, acne is almost completely gone by the time they reach adulthood.

Herbal homeopathic preparations and herbal remedies (successfully used in the complex treatment of many skin diseases – from acne to dermatitis and eczema.

With the help of homeopathy, you can not only alleviate the symptoms of a particular skin disease, but also eliminate its cause as safely as possible by restoring balance.These drugs do not cause allergic reactions, are safe even with prolonged use and have a cumulative effect

What does the skin want?

Healthy tightened skin without rashes and irregularities is the result of your daily care. According to experts, even after effective therapy, it is necessary to maintain the health of the skin on an ongoing basis – from the inside and out.

The list of mandatory skin care gestures should include:

  • The right balanced diet without allergens, with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats and fish.
  • Proven hypoallergenic skin care tailored to skin type and condition.
  • Compliance with personal hygiene while wearing a mask at all times. Frequent change of masks (once every few hours), competent cleansing and moisturizing of the skin, as well as the rejection of dense decorative cosmetics for the skin will help prevent the development of “maskne”.
  • Cosmetic massage, which increases the elasticity, firmness of the skin, improves blood microcirculation. Thanks to this procedure, small wrinkles are smoothed out, the complexion is normalized.