Does homeopathy really work lets see if it does

What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a whole branch of alternative medicine, created by Samuel Hahnemann in the 18th century, in which it is believed that all diseases are treated with several principles.Like is cured by like.

Minimal doses of drugs are needed.It is not the disease that needs to be treated, but the person.This is the theory on the basis of which homeopathic medicines are made.

In the 18th century, the popularity of homeopathy was understandable, because at that time official medicine was not far from it, and the treatment process was more like torture and experiments than helping the sick. But for some reason, they still believe in it.

How are homeopathic medicines prepared?

A substance is taken that causes symptoms similar to those of the disease. After all, like should be treated like. Important: the symptoms that the person himself experiences are taken as the basis, the tests have nothing to do with it. For example, a symptom is a cough. We need to find a substance that causes coughing.

They do not act on individual symptoms of the disease or individual organs.

Homeopathic medicines act on the root cause of the disease (of course, with the right prescription), eliminating which the body itself is able to compensate and normalize the secondary impaired functions.

Where does the active effect come from if there are no molecules of the substance?

Nowhere. Studies say that there is no effect and cannot be. Homeopaths answer that information or a charge from a molecule of a substance is transferred to water, which “remembers” this information, and then transmits it through the medicine into the body. This gives rise to a lot of questions for which there is no exact answer.

How does water know what to transmit?

There are a lot of impurities in the water, why does it not transmit information from them?

Why does water “remember” the molecule of the substance, but not the glass walls of the test tube?

When water is applied to sugar to make a tablet, it generally evaporates. “Memory” remains?

Homeopaths admit that they have no idea about the exact mechanisms of charge transfer. But the test tube is shaken, because this way the water is charged better. They also hope that science will definitely discover how the “memory of water” works.

Is there anything to discover there?

No. If homeopathy worked, scientific research would show it. And they show the opposite. And the World Health Organization does not recommend homeopathy.

There are also studies that talk about the benefits of balls and solutions. It is only when they are tested that it turns out that they do not meet scientific standards.

Individual approach also plays a role here. It is very convenient to say that homeopathic treatment cannot be verified by evidence-based medicine, because homeopathy is not for statistics, it is individual medicines (which does not prevent manufacturers from churning out and selling in pharmacies hundreds of drugs that supposedly will save everyone).

Is homeopathy harmful?

For your wallet. It is impossible to harm yourself with something that does not exist.Homeopathy can harm only in two cases.

  • If you forego official treatment in favor of sugar grains soaked in “memory of water”.
  • If homeopaths decided not to dilute the active ingredients to the desired condition and the ingredients turned out to be in tablets in large quantities.

Why is homeopathy so popular?

Because it is money and there is a demand for it. Medicine does not help everyone and not always, simply because it is impossible otherwise.

But people want to believe that a good doctor will come, sew the legs torn off by the tram, like Aibolit, and we will again jump like bunnies.A real doctor can’t do that.

And then a homeopath appears on the scene, who says that these doctors do not know anything, they treat one thing and cripple another (in the latter, homeopaths are right: medicine is far from perfect).

But the homeopath will cure you according to a specially designed magic recipe.In general, there is a lot of magic in homeopathy, because it is impossible to explain without magic how starch and sugar can cure a person.

But there are herbs!

Sometimes herbal ingredients are added to homeopathic medicines in therapeutic doses. And this is no longer homeopathy in the strict sense of the word.

Sometimes in pharmacies there are separate shelves for homeopathic preparations, on which both homeopathy and preparations with herbal extracts are located.

This is a deception that only plays into the hands of homeopaths. The logical chain is activated: with herbs – it means natural; means harmless; It means it will help and not hurt.

There are many holes in this chain (not all herbs are equally useful, and their uncontrolled intake can kill, herbal medicine is generally more difficult than chamomile tea). But the main thing is that quite a working herbal medicine is mixed with absolutely insane homeopathy.

There are no herbs in homeopathy. If they were there, then nothing was left of them for the final breeding. In addition to the notorious “memory of water”, which does not exist.