Homeopathic cure for joint pains

Homeopathic treatment of joints: arthritis and arthrosis

Arthritis is an insidious disease that slowly but surely leads a person to disability.This is the name of a whole bunch of diseases united by one common feature – inflammatory joint damage.

It can exist as an independent disorder, such as spondylitis, or be a manifestation of another disease – systemic lupus erythematosus, psoriasis.It can affect one or more joints, be acute or chronic, and have many causes.

Arthrosis will be called a dystrophic change in the joint of a non-inflammatory nature. Most often occurs as a result of trauma and with age, as a rule.

What causes joint pain

  • injury or infection, such as tuberculosis and brucellosis
  • it can be caused by metabolic disorders (gout)
  • immunogenetic factors triggering an autoimmune reaction (rheumatoid arthritis, systemic autoimmune diseases)
  • allergic mood of the body can cause inflammation of the joints
  • often arthritis manifests itself as a complication from vaccination, and this should be remembered
  • old age, characterized by general wear and tear of the joints, inevitably leads to inflammation in them

Symptoms of arthritis and arthrosis

Arthritis has characteristic symptoms:

  • pain, redness of the skin
  • the joint loses its mobility, its shape changes
  • joints may crackle unnaturally under load

The disease can be diagnosed with the help of radiography, tomography, arthroscopy.

Tests are also used: complete blood count, C-reactive protein, fibrinogen level. If there is reason to assume an autoimmune nature of the disease, then a blood test is done for rheumatoid factor, antibodies to the cyclic citrulline-containing peptide.

In some cases, studies of the synovial fluid, determination of the level of uric acid or antibodies to hemolytic streptococcus type A are prescribed.

Homeopathy to the rescue

Homeopathy can provide significant help in resisting arthritis.The essence of homeopathic treatment of joints is to restore the lost balance of health to the body: restore metabolic processes, improve the functioning of the immune system.

That is, homeopathy seeks to eradicate the very cause of the disease.It is important that such treatment has no side effects and is not addictive, which is of particular importance when working with protracted chronic diseases.

According to homeopathic doctors

According to homeopathic doctors, primary, non-systemic disorders are most successfully treated. But the latter are subject to correction with the help of homeopathic remedies.

It should only be understood that systemic and autoimmune disorders are of a very deep nature, which means that the path to health will be long and difficult.

For example, in the case of homeopathic treatment of arthrosis, the doctor will necessarily take into account the constitution of the patient, his psycho-emotional characteristics, general and physical symptoms and their modalities.Therefore, each patient will have his own medicine, individual.

In homeopathy, there is a whole arsenal of remedies that are especially sensitive to the joints. Polychrests are often used to treat acute inflammation.

Here are a few examples of homeopathic remedies used by homeopathic doctors in the treatment of joints. Now it will be easier for you to describe your condition, knowing which symptoms are important.

Homeopathic treatment of joint diseases is often very effective.Apparently, this is due to the fact that homeopathic remedies stimulate the body’s defenses, and do not suppress them.

Classical homeopaths are confident that their treatment is stimulating

Because in healthy people, drugs in non-homeopathic doses cause exactly the same symptoms that are relieved by homeopathic prescription.

That is, the homeopathic dose of the drug is not enough to cause pain, but enough to cause a drug disease, similar to that which causes joint disease. The vital force of the patient is activated in the fight against the medicinal disease and the real disease is cured. This is the principle of similarity.

If we add to this that homeopathic remedies do not have side effects and do not impair the quality of life, it becomes clear that they are the drugs of choice in most cases of treating joint diseases.

Of course, with a long course of suffering, in the case of a significantly weakened vital force in a patient, recovery is not quick and easy.

There are patients who find it difficult to find a completely appropriate drug.There are homeopathic exacerbations, when the pain intensifies and quite significantly.But the result of treatment – relief from pain, is worth it.

This is not about stopping another exacerbation of suffering, but about completely getting rid of the disease.Every classic homeopath is convinced by his own practice that this is possible!

Along with the pain syndrome, psycho-emotional disorders, excessive sweating, and concomitant diseases are most often corrected.

Why, if everything is so good, all doctors do not successfully treat diseases of the joints?Perhaps they simply have not studied classical homeopathy and do not know its possibilities.

Benefits of homeopathic treatment of joints:

  • At the same time, only one drug is prescribed in the minimum dosage, the effect of the appointment is persistent.
  • Absence of side and toxic effects.
  • The patient’s recovery proceeds naturally.